Egg Pasta

The real Emilian Tagliatelle

The real Emilian Tagliatelle

The egg pasta from Emilia Romagna is one of the specialties of the Italian cuisine loved worldwide. A pasta made with a particular combination of semolina and eggs: its characteristics on the table are a strong and intense taste, and a rough surface which perfectly adheres to many condiments such as mushrooms and truffle, besides being the perfect pasta for the famous Bolognese ragout.

Agritalia’s egg pasta is made according to two different recipes (with 4 or 6 eggs per 2.2lb of pasta - 18% and 26% of eggs respectively) and it is available in three different shapes:

  1. fettuccine
  2. pappardelle
  3. taglierini

All these shapes are very traditional, yet so modern and popular in today’s Italian cuisine around the world.

These products are the result of a modern technology which allows to pack 8.8oz of egg pasta in 2 year shelf stable cardboard trays.

We strongly believe that these products can be very successful. Their taste is really similar to the fresh product and you’ll realize it at first bite.

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