Maximum control over the logistics operations

Thanks to a synergetic cooperation with our sister company Agrilogistica, we can offer full logistics support to ship the goods from Italy and Europe to the U.S. with an innovative system called Automated Replenishment Program (ARP), that is one of the biggest innovations in the modern supply chain management. The ARP is an advanced logistics solution which allows us to optimize freight consolidation and deliver even a single pallet directly to the regional distribution centers (DCs), granting maximum flexibility also for small private label projects.

Cloud Sourcing Intelligence (CSI) is an advanced proprietary software able to analyze sales data from the shelf to estimate the exact assortment needed from the retailer week by week to meet the demand, helping managing production timelines, freight consolidation from different plants, and deliveries to DCs accordingly, while cutting down third-party warehousing and unnecessary inland costs.

The combo of the Automated Replenishment Program and the Cloud Sourcing Intelligence allows the products to always be on time on shelf, eliminating any risk of out-of-stock and over-stock which negatively affect sales’ performance and profits.
We continuously aim to improving our service compared to that of our competitors. For this reason, with us you can provide huge benefits:

    Our innovative logistics model allows to delivery directly to the customer’s Distribution Centers cutting down many of the extra costs due to the inefficiencies of the supply chain: extra warehousing costs, inland costs, out-of-stock fees, etc.
    Our extensive know-how on shipments from Italy and Europe to the United States allows us to optimize at best all the containers departing daily to the United States with products from different manufacturers and categories. Thanks to our online tracking service, available h24 in our customer are, you can be constantly updated on the status and on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your order.
    The Automated Replenishment Program allows to plan the production on a quarterly basis. Consequently, this will help improve the planning of raw materials sourcing and quantities; better manage the raw materials allocation based on production priorities according to the replenishment program; optimize the overall production.
    Thanks to the efficient forecasting of product requirements and the perfect knowledge of the seasonality of Italian companies (summer, Christmas, etc.), Agrilogistica plans the order optimally, eliminating the likelihood of out-of-stock products on US shelves. It also takes care of storage in its warehouse to eliminate the high storage costs in the US.
    An effective planning of the orders and the perfect optimization of the containers allow us to get our products always fresh on the shelf. A longer shelf-life means reducing the risk of outdated products which could remain unsold.

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