Quality Assurance

Our number one priority

We take great care of the quality of our products but also of the entire food supply chain involved, as we believe that monitoring all the phases from the development to the production of a new product is essential to prevent any issues and provide maximum service to our customers.

Our Quality Assurance department supervises the manufacturing and packing processes of the products directly at the supplier’s facility together with its own appointed quality control representative. A cooperative effort is crucial to ensure the products meet the customer’s quality requirements and that every control measure carried out meets the criteria of established procedures applied to the supplier’s premises.

In addition, we personally manage the packaging material warehouse movements. This extra service allows us to have full control over the quality of the materials employed and provides an accurate inventory level of the residual packaging to ensure the continuity of customers’ supply.

We constantly update our quality standards in compliance with the regulations in place in the countries where we export to. For some categories such as the extra virgin olive oil, we have implemented even more restrictive control programs to ensure maximum quality. In 2013 Agritalia introduced the Agritalia Sensory Chemical System (ASCS™), a proprietary QA procedure that aims to guarantee the quality of extra virgin olive oils throughout the entire shelf life. The process has been specifically designed by the Agritalia QA team after a 2-year extensive study on the “enemies” of olive oil (light, heat, oxygen, and time). The process provides the how to maintain the overall quality of the product while preventing any issue during the shelf-life (i.e. adulteration of the oil).

In March 2022, Agritalia’s ASCS™ procedure was officially certified by third-party company FoodChain ID, marking a significant enhancement in the levels of safety and quality guaranteed in our oils. This certification also allows the use of a dedicated logo to be placed on labels, highlighting the implementation of the ASCS™ procedure for private-label products.

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