Proud supporters of Made in Italy for over 30 years

The Italian cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world. We highly specialize in the distribution of authentic food products from Italy and proudly support the spread of the Italian gastronomy worldwide.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Agritalia has huge capability for this category accounting for approximately 5% of the extra virgin olive oil imported from Italy to United States every year. The company can satisfy the demand for multiple oil options: everyday blend, country of origin, unfiltered, monocultivars, infused EVOO made with natural flavors. In addition, in 2013 Agritalia introduced the Agritalia Sensory Chemical System (ASCS™), a proprietary QA procedure which aims to guarantee the quality of extra virgin olive oils throughout the entire shelf life.
  • Pasta
    From durum wheat semolina to pulses flour, Agritalia stands out for the variety in its pasta offering. A special mention goes to artisan pasta, which is greatly appreciated by US consumers for its superior quality and the rough surface given by the bronze die. The company partners with over 20 Italian pasta suppliers to provide tailor-made solutions for any market tier (entry, mid, premium) with about 50 different dies between conventional and regional cuts to meet customers’ demand with the highest flexibility. Moreover, Agritalia has a long-lasting collaboration with most of the mills across Italy being able to source the best semolina made from Italian wheat at a competitive price.
  • Pasta Sauce
    Combining the convenience of premade, and the freshness of homemade Agritalia can meet the growing demand of less-processed food. Agritalia has focused on developing a wide range of pasta sauces made with natural ingredients so consumers can experience the genuine taste of Italy’s culinary tradition.
  • Vinegar
    A rising star in the grocery aisle for 2020, vinegar’s success lies in the versatility that allows the consumer to add an extra boldness of flavor to their food. Agritalia has a wide assortment of wine vinegars, Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI of varying densities, and is always in search for new products in this fast-growing category

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