Pasta Sauces

The best recipes of the Italian tradition

Gastronomy is the art of mixing foods together in the best way: in Italy, this applies very much to pasta, the core of our Mediterranean diet. An Italian would find it inconceivable to combine one particular sauce with a pasta shape not traditionally used with it.

Tradition has taught us that each shape has its own sauce; a ribbed or ridged pasta holds the sauce within its folds, a smooth shaped pasta forms a perfect overall coating and can be stuffed and put into the oven. The variations are many – hundreds and hundreds, each one, as per its own regional tradition, matched with its sauce.

Certainly, the most typical sauces are tomato-based ones, representing the fundamental ingredient of many pasta, gnocchi, and rice-based recipes. The cooking fat is usually extra-virgin olive oil, another precious resource of Italian tradition.
The culinary tradition includes very little meat, compensated by an abundance of vegetables such as peppers, eggplants, mushrooms, basil, olives, capers, and chili peppers.

Agritalia is proud to offer a full range of very typical sauces, produced with the best fresh vegetables and tomatoes, in glass jars of different shapes and sizes, to let you appreciate Italian cuisine at its best.

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