Olive oil

The best Italian olives in a certified product

Along the Mediterranean basin, the history of olive oil is intertwined with that of mankind. Medical researches recently demonstrated the virtues of the antioxidants found in olive oil, which help to slow the biological process of aging and to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Perhaps it is for this reason that the olive tree and its oil have always been considered sacred.

In Italy, the cultivation of the olive tree goes back to antiquity when there were already plenty of olive plantings all over the country, even where the latitudes were unusual. The varieties of oils are often differentiated from region to region (depending on the variety of olives cultivated) and have organoleptic properties which are strictly safeguarded and preserved. Technological innovation brought to the substitution of the old stone-pressing mills with more modern machinery able to press big quantities of olives in a faster way. The time between the harvesting in the fields and the processing in the mill is therefore reduced and the final quality of the oil is guaranteed. Even in the most updated oil factories, however, the art of mixing the various blends of olive oil is always regulated by the “master blender” who has an in-depth knowledge and is able to balance the best characteristics of each variety to obtain the desired consistency over time.

The fragrance of olive oil enhances the taste of food and can be used as the perfect dressing or for any cooking purpose. Essential to all Mediterranean cuisines, olive oil finds in Italy its best quality, aroma, and taste.

All the oil we produce and distribute is subject to strict controls and specific certifications that attest the compliance with international standards (IOOC).

Agritalia’s knowledge of olive oil and its traditions makes it a major player and one of the biggest exporters of all varieties: Extra Virgin (filtered, unfiltered, first cold-processed, regional, DOP, or IGP), Pure Olive Oil, Extra Light, Pomace, Flavored Oils, in all sizes of glass, tin, PET or PVC.

To meet the different needs of our customers we also design customized programs searching for oils from the most varied regions and respecting the agreed flavor profile. Whatever your request is, we’ll make sure to satisfy your needs!

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