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Tomatoes arrived in Europe from the newly discovered Americas in the 16th century. They were a botanical curiosity and the European courts often utilized them to decorate their gardens. It was in Italy, and in particular in Naples, where, in the following century, they found their new home and were cherished for their nice color and their brilliant flavor. Hence, the advent of the triumphal marriage between tomatoes and pasta, soon to be followed by pizza.

The fertile volcanic soil around Mount Vesuvius soon became the ideal place for tomato growing and the basin of the canning industry. Growing areas today are mostly represented by Puglia (south) and Emilia-Romagna (north), while the Naples/Salerno area remains the most important processing district.

Scientific researchers have established that the vitamins, particularly C, A, and E, and Lycopene contained in the Tomato fruit, are of primary importance for the prevention of cancer.

The huge international demand is mainly due to the outstanding success of the Mediterranean diet and Italian cuisine in the world, based on tomato products as essential ingredients in many dishes and tasty recipes.

The tomato products are for Agritalia an ideal complement to its other food ranges, as the mixing possibilities are endless. The traditional southern Peeled and Chopped Tomatoes, the Tomato Purée, and the Concentrated Tomato Paste in all qualities, sizes, and packaging, are basic ingredients for almost any Italian meal.

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