All the best varieties of 100% Italian Rice

Historical documentation pertaining to the cultivation of rice indicates that it came from China and India many centuries B.C. It then became an important agricultural product also in the Mediterranean and was widely cultivated in Classical Greece and in the Roman Empire.

In Italy production initiated in the 15th century starting in the Po river valley and in the Padana Plain, thanks to the ideal water and climatic conditions.

The varieties of rice are classified based on the length and shape of the grain: in Italy, each variety has assumed in time a particular characteristic associated with its usage in cooking. Arborio rice, of the “superfino” group, is the one most loved by the Italians and is the best known in the world.

It is one of the oldest varieties with the largest grain and a very long semi-round shape. Arborio has a high protein value, a good percentage of fibers, and is high in starch, which makes it an ideal ingredient in risotto and many dishes of the Italian gastronomic tradition. Carnaroli, perhaps the finest, with a large grain and a long, semi-tapered shape, perfect for risotto and rice pilaf, shows exceptional cooking results. Roma rice has a large and long grain. It is the least costly amongst the “superfino” group and can be used for rice in sauce and puddings.

Ribe is a rice of the “fino” category with medium-sized grain. It is utilized most often boiled or for the preparation of rice salads. Vialone Nano belongs to the “Italian Group” category with a round, medium-sized grain. It’s used mostly in soups and minestrone.

All these traditional domestic varieties of rice are exported by Agritalia to its various customers around the world, in normal cello, bag-inert atmosphere/cello, or in vacuum packs with cardboard box.

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