Anything you need in the pasta world

A simple dough made of durum wheat semolina and water. This is the secret of today’s most appreciated food worldwide. Dating back centuries ago, dried pasta entered into common usage in Southern Italy, later characterizing the entire gastronomic culture of the country and becoming the staple food of the Italians.

The 20th century, with the advent of mechanization, had both wheat mills and pasta factories upgrading to modern technology with a high degree of automation and with qualitative consistency achieved. Pasta became appreciated for its taste and versatility, not to mention its nutrients, containing the best quality of vegetable proteins, B group vitamins, PP (or niacin), and a moderate supply of iron and phosphorous.

Pasta is the healthiest and simplest of all foods and is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. The Italians’ imagination with pasta has no limits; hundreds of shapes to be served with hundreds of different sauces, vegetables, meat, or fish. Each region offers a wide array of varieties, from Spaghetti to Penne, from Lasagne to Rigatoni, from Farfalle to Tagliatelle, and from Linguine to Tortellini. An entire gastronomic culture has been developed, creating the Italian food legacy to humanity and making Italy the first country in the world as producer, exporter, and consumer.

Pasta is definitely the core business for Agritalia, whose aim is to keep the tradition looking towards the future: our commitment to quality is total and our technical controls are complete. We can offer all possible shapes dry, fresh or filled, whole-wheat or egg Pasta, normal and organic, in any type of packaging: pillow pack, square bag, double square bottom re-sealable bag, cardboard box, vacuum-pack, all in retail and catering sizes. House brands or private labels, for the customer’s complete satisfaction. Anything you need in the pasta world.

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