Frozen specialties iced in complete safety

Frozen specialties are an absolute novelty in Agritalia. With our “frozen” product line we have created a range of typical dishes of our cuisine, with a quality and taste retrievable only in Italian homes and restaurants.

We propose both all-natural and organic pizzas, baked in wood fire ovens, and prepared with different ingredients besides tomato and mozzarella cheese. We have a line of typical Italian snacks such as rice balls, potato croquettes, mini pizzas, calzoni, and other appetizers and finger foods.

Our main courses, of pasta and rice, reproduce the most famous recipes of Italian gastronomy such as Pennette alla “Siciliana”, Orecchiette with “Cime di Rapa”, Gnocchetti alla “Sorrentina”, all ready in a few minutes.

The line is also enriched with artisan desserts famous worldwide such as Chocolate Profiteroles, Tiramisu, and Saint Honoré.

Our “frozen and ready to go” product range is a smart way of having the typical Italian products always on hand, even with the frenetic pace of today’s lifestyle.

Thanks to the temperature control devices included in each one of our containers – which can be read by the warehouse people with a specific interface – we guarantee the right storing temperature throughout the whole transportation. We keep our products below 18°C and we follow strict sanitary procedures to inhibit the growth of bacteria such as Listeria.

By trusting us you will be able to select different high-quality products to be consolidated in the same truck/container, tasty as freshly prepared.

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