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Which are the most popular pasta cuts in the world?

Which are the most popular pasta cuts in the world?

The Italian regional tradition combined with the imagination and creativity of the pasta masters have contributed to the success of the many pasta cuts, each one famous for a specific recipe. We produce and sell over 100 different pasta shapes among which you can choose your favorite ones and create your own pasta line.

If you want to know which are the most popular pasta cuts in the world, you can refer to the table below divided per continent:

Penne Rigate Spaghetti Lumache Giganti Spaghetti Spaghetti
Spaghetti Penne Rigate Spaghetti Penne Rigate Penne Rigate
Linguine Spaghettini Penne Rigate Chifferi Fusilli
Fusilli Chifferi Lisci Linguine Fusilli -
Conchiglie Rigate Capellini Fusilli Tagliatelle -
Chifferi Vermicelli Farfalle Linguine -
Farfalle Fusilli Tagliatelle Sheet Lasagna -
Orzo Rigatoni Penne Giganti Gnocchi -
Rigatoni Fettuccine Chifferi Orzo -
Pipe Rigate Farfalle Fusilli Giganti Tortiglioni -

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