Artisan Pasta

The tradition of the artisan pasta in 5 big shapes

The tradition of the artisan pasta in 5 big shapes

With this line we wanted to reproduce regional specialties from the north & south of Italy. This pasta is realized according to the ancient tradition of the Italian artisan pasta factories. Made with Bronze Dies, slowly dried at low temperatures to obtain an extraordinary quality, as that of the past.

5 big shapes are part of our superior quality artisan pasta range, all perfect to reproduce many famous dishes of the traditional Italian cuisine:

  • Penne Giganti
  • Paccheri Giganti
  • Lumache Giganti
  • Fusilli Giganti
  • Anelli Giganti (Calamarata)

Moreover, upon request, we can supply other special cuts - indispensable to prepare some of the most delicious regional dishes - such as orecchiette and scialatielli. Based on your needs we can also supply colored and flavored pastas with squid ink, curcuma and chili.

If you choose Artisan Pasta you will have a high-range pasta, ideal for a target of connoisseurs and lovers of the real Italian cuisine, capable of expressing quality and Italianism.

The artisan pasta comes in very attractive standing bags with a cardboard sleeve created to keep intact such a delicate product. Thanks to a very robust packaging, the artisan pasta remains intact and appealing, both on the shelf and on the table after it’s cooked.

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