Controlls and Certifications

Our oils are certified

Our oils are certified

All the oils we sell meet the IOOC parameters. The Int’l Olive Oil Council (IOOC) is the supranational body, recognized by almost all countries of the world, which determines the standards and rules for the control of olive oils.

With all our shipments we send a certificate of analysis to attest the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the product, proving the regularity of the oil used and that it meets the specifications agreed with the customer. Third party accredited bodies certify that our organic oils are in compliance with the legislation of the countries of destination.

Moreover, we’re able to offer customized programs where third party accredited bodies control and certify our productions.

We constantly update our quality control procedures based on the legislations of the countries we sell to, and we’re also able to issue any certification required by such legislation.

We have innovated our controls extending them to the transports and to the distribution phase in the target market. We in fact analyzed the modes of transportation of the product all over the world in different periods of the year to determine the best shipping conditions and ensure that the quality of the product remains unchanged until it's delivered to your warehouse.

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