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Controlled productions to guarantee the compliance with the agreed quality

Agritalia checks all your productions to guarantee the compliance with the agreed quality

Our Quality Assurance department, by testing and monitoring the production processes, ensures that the standards requested by the client are met. All of our affiliated suppliers must have an internal H.A.C.C.P. system established in their facility and must have a BRC grade A or an IFS Higher Level certification in place.

In addition, we make sure to always meet the technical and legal requirements of the country to which we’re selling our products, both when we produce and when we create the labels.

We are constantly in contact with the certifying bodies for the sales of organic products, we monitor all the productions, and carry out analysis in third party accredited laboratories.

In case you decide to entrust the creation of the packaging to a company you trust, we make sure to share with them all the technical info necessary to ease their work. If we anticipate the artwork costs, the fee will be included in the sales prices based on the agreed annual volumes.

Download an example of an artwork fee repayment plan

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