Monitoring of the raw materials market

A constant control of the pricing of the raw materials

We ensure a constant control of the pricing of the raw materials in the main world’s markets

We monitor the markets of food raw materials (wheat, oil, tomatoes) on a daily basis, to follow the trend of the prices.

Our sources of information are represented by a dense network of suppliers from different local markets, which allows us to collect first-hand information. Moreover we’re members of the most reliable associations (producers of semolina, pasta, oil and tomatoes) from which we receive information on the products of our interest. We regularly consult institutional sites, research institutions and commodities exchanges.

This way our analysts are able to anticipate price and material fluctuations caused by particular weather conditions or unfavorable geo-political situations.

All this allows us to make predictions about medium-long term prices and to procure the necessary raw materials at competitive prices even in times of great market volatility.

That’s why our prices are so competitive.

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