One Single Container

You can freely order small quantities

Feel free to order small quantities of different products: Agritalia consolidates your goods in one single truck or container

One of the advantages that you can immediately see is that relating to the consolidation of various goods in the same truck / container regardless of where in Italy the goods were produced. We take care of taking them to our logistics platform where we control the merchandise before loading it.

All the products are loaded onto pallets with the exception of pasta which is floor loaded. The great advantages of consolidation are:

  • total freedom to choose the items to be included in the same container among our full line of products;
  • the avoidance of large inventories;
  • the avoidance of large financial commitments.

With a careful analysis of your inventories and making sure to order in the right way and timing, you can significantly reduce your stock and reorder all products in one. 

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Total freedom to choose the products you wish also in reduced quantities: it will be then up to our Logistics and Quality operators to consolidate the cargo

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