Control of the whole process

Agritalia manages all the transports of the goods sold

Agritalia manages autonomously the transports of the goods sold

Agritalia manages all its logistics operations: the consolidation of the goods on one single platform, the loading of the trucks or containers, the shipment to one or more ports, the completion of customs formalities on departure and on arrival in the country of destination, the payment of the freight cost to the shipping companies, the payment of import duties in the country where you operate, and so on. All this to offer you a “turnkey” private label program.

Our know how and the direct control we exert on the whole logistics chain, permits us to offer you an excellent service: our job is not only to sell excellent products, but also to deliver them to you in perfect condition.

Furthermore, any information pertaining to the transportation are continuously shared through our tracking online system, thanks to which you can monitor the transit of your trucks or containers both on water and overland. 

Last but not least, we have strict procedures for the management of unexpected events: in case of delays of incidents our operators immediately alert you, proposing an alternative plan to minimize the inconveniences caused by the carriers.

We have been working for over 30 years with the most important shipping companies in the world, which esteem us for our organization and accuracy: we spend our reputation to provide the best service.

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