We handle all the logistics operations.

Agritalia manages all logistic operations to ensure you the maximum control on the whole process

We take care of all logistics activities, and this means more control, lower prices, and a better handling of any possible inconvenience.

  • More control  – Since we handle every single activity directly, we can ensure you a better control on every step;
  • Lower prices  – The absence of brokers and shippers, together with the high volumes we handle, allow us to economize hence to offer more competitive prices to our customers;
  • Better management of unexpected events  – Since we handle the whole logistic chain directly, we are the first ones to know if anything happens, and our know how combined with our contacts allow us to intervene right away and solve any problem.

Moreover, we also aim to continuously improving our service compared to that of our competitors. For this reason, with us you can:

  • Order in complete freedom  – Our operating systems allow you to use the programs available in the reserved area of our website (link). Among these is the “order form” which enables you to order in complete autonomy;
  • Consolidate different goods – The origin or the diversity of the products doesn’t matter, we consolidate the merchandise on our logistic platforms and load everything in one single truck or container;
  • Choose the ETA – Depending on the products available in stock and on those that must be produced, we are able to tell you, in real time, during which week your order will be delivered to you;
  •  Check the status of your order  – With our tracking online (link) you can constantly be updated on the status and on the delivery date of your order.

And all in the highest Security. We are so sensitive about security that we check all our operations and documentation several times. Do you want to see how? Take a look!