Quality is our priority

Quality is one of our priority

We care for the overall quality of our supply chain, not only the quality of the products which always meet the agreed parameters, as we believe that only by monitoring all the phases of the whole chain we will be able to prevent problems.

Our Quality Assurance department oversees all production and packaging of our products directly at our suppliers' facilities together with their own appointed quality control representative. Working together they ensure that all quality control measures carried out meet the criteria of established procedures enforced at the supplier's premises.

Contrary to the competition, we personally manage the packaging material warehouse movements. This very expensive step allows us to have full quality control over the products used and provides an accurate inventory of packaging materials thus ensuring the continuity of customer supply.

We constantly update our quality standards, according to the National legislation of the countries to which we sell.

We’re able to extend the quality monitoring of some products (olive oils) to the transportation and distribution. To learn more, read the details of our new oil quality monitoring program.